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Authxrs exists because we want our readers to experience literature from the major regions of the non-Western world—the Caribbean, Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. We offer a bridge between our culture and theirs. The editors believe that expanding the range of literature studied beyond the traditional American, Canadian, and European canonical writers will help readers better understand an increasingly interdependent world and at the same time create social awareness.

The founders of Authxrs see an opportunity to try to minimize the gap in equal opportunities and reach. They aim to facilitate and produce knowledge to readers interested in social, political and economic situations of these people inside and outside the geographical social cultural scope.


With a background of over 4 years of a tutoring in professional writing Cristina has the abilty to assist the Authxrs throughout the process of writing, from approaching and listening to them and to supporting their writing in a technical way.


As a qualified Journalist Sara has the knowledge to guide the Authxrs throughout the writing process via her journalism, communication, research and product management background.


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